Self Portraits

The other night, I started using (for the first time) this really neat digital painting program called Adobe Sketch to do some paintings and self portraits. I’m not sure what exactly got into me to make me want to start doing these paintings. If I’m being honest, I was feeling a little irritated, but I’m not sure about what.

Anyway, I’ve found this program to be really neat and easy to use on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. In the past, I’ve used Adobe Draw to do illustrations–nothing fancy or really any good. Still, it’s fun as a way to distract myself and kill some time. I’ve always been a doodler at heart, but never particularly good or dedicated to art.

For instance, I did this sketch of my Dad’s cat while I was visiting him on Father’s Day weekend.

It’s serviceable, but isn’t much in the way of fine art. But I’m not trying to make fine art. This is just a hobby of mine, and something that I do to pass the time and enjoy my own creative abilities. But, back to singing the praises of the program I’ve been using, Adobe Sketch.

What’s so cool about Adobe Sketch, though, is that you really feel like you can control almost any aspect of the brush you are using, whether it’s watercolor or the oil painting brush or a custom brush that you’ve added. What comes out is not so much just a digital sketch like the above that you would get from Adobe Draw, but something that looks much closer to a real painting.

Take the first painting I did yesterday, for example.

This self portrait is kind of crazy looking, but look at how paint-like the production is. It looks like I really took out a piece of canvas, a brush, and some oil paints and went to work.

Likewise on my second of two self portraits (the above counts to me as a self-portrait of what I was feeling like inside), which bears a little more resemblance to my actual physical appearance.

I don’t know what happened between last night and this morning, but apparently I felt a lot happier, as this new self portrait shows.

Anyway, I think I’m going to continue using this program to do some fun stuff that my adoring audience may think is stupid, but I find really fun!

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